At Bilfen - the school of winners - students discover their individual differences in learning styles, personalities, and strengths... 
In Bilfen Secondary Schools, academic achievement is a natural outcome of the implemented learning styles model, unwalled education approach, and mastery learning strategy.The students prepare for the high school entrance exams without needing any extra support from outside the school and they achieve great results. Making a name for itself with its individual and collective achievements by protecting its place on the top in the so-called "The Highest Schools of Turkey" list, Bilfen Schools place their students in distinguished high schools.
Bilfen Secondary Schools stand out with their strikingly high number of students who rank among the top 100 and top 1000 students who sit the high school entrance exams in Turkey and Istanbul. Placing importance on collective achievement as much as individual achievement, Bilfen raises its sight even further each passing year as "the school that has the highest number of full-scoring students and the highest number of top-ranking students from the same school in the national high school entrance exams".