"Bilfen Education and Training Model" which is as unique as your child is waiting for your children. 


When you take a step in Bilfen Schools, you will encounter with:

  • An extraordinary education-training environment, 
  • Classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technology,  
  • Unwalled teaching projects beyond classrooms,  
  • A powerful curriculum,  
  • A motivating teacher staff, 
  • Math, non-math and artistic programs which are enriched and deepened multi-directionally
  • Comprehensive sports trainings,
  • An exceptional program combined with character education.  

You will instantly feel the positive impact of extraordinary education-training environment on your child when the differentiated learning strategies unique to Bilfen are combined with strong leadership passion of teachers and learning styles, characters, strengths and interests of students.  
Thanks to extra-curricular activities, projects, cultural experiences and funny and informative researches and observation trips, your child will enjoy learning by touching, experiencing and loving. 
When you are closely acquainted with Bilfen, you will discover what makes us really extraordinary. 



"In Bilfen, I feel that everybody from personnel to teachers and management is working for the happiness and success of my child. This is a very special place." 

A Bilfen Parent