At Bilfen - with due respect to their learning styles and individual strengths - we aim to prepare our students for the future through implementing a student-centered, differentiated, and innovative education program that creates a difference in students’ lives.


We design education as a leading and dynamic institution which develops simultaneously with the individual members of its community and we aim to sustain our presence in a transformative and innovative world. 

In this context, our core values are;
  • being respectful towards individual differences and values,
  • behaving responsibly,
  • developing positive social and individual relationships,
  • believing in the transformational power of education.
In Line with the Aims of Our Model of Excellence, A Bilfen Student develops as an individual who
  • has attained self-esteem,
  • has acquired the habit of adopting multiple perspectives,
  • is productive,
  • is open to change and improvement,
  • envisions and builds the future,
  • is happy and content.