Bilfen Antalya High Schools 6th Career Days

   BILFEN Antalya High Schools 6th Career Days activities started on December 15, 2020, including university presentations as well as vocational presentations.  For this year's opening speech our guest was Mediterranean University Rector Prof. Dr. Özlenen ÖZKAN who performed Turkey's first double arm transplant, the world's first and most successful uterus transplant from cadaver and who also took part in Turkey's first face transplant team. Prof Dr Özlenen ÖZKAN gave information to our students about the interests and abilities required to study Faculty of Medicine. A productive conversation took place with the intense interest and questions of our students.
       In the second session of our Career Days, we hosted Kadir Has University Vice Rector, Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences, MIT Emeritus Physics Professor Prof. Dr. Nihat BERKER to deliver his speech and share his professional experiences about Mechatronic Engineering. Our event, which was held online on December 24, 2020, was highly admired by our students.
       The first of our university presentations took place with Koç University on the online platform on December 22, 2020 with the participation of our 11th and 12th grade students. In the presentation of the university; faculties and programs were mentioned, and images of campus life and campus were reflected. In the presentation, dormitories, scholarship opportunities and student clubs were mentioned in detail. The introductory program, in which our students showed great interest, ended with a question and answer section.
    Our Career Days journey will continue in 2021 with our expert and experienced guests.