Private Gaziantep Bilfen High Schools 4th Career Days

Private Gaziantep Bilfen High Schools 4th Career Days have started on 19 October 2022. Firstly, doctors have attended as guests to the school’s event on behalf of the career days. Cardiologist Prof. Doc. Mehmet Adnan CELKAN, Gynecologist Surgeon Doc. Ömer DAİ and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Associate Prof. Secaattin GÜLŞEN, who have full of successes, were with us. Our event has been started by sharing the guests’ experiences in their fields.The questions wondered by the students have been conveyed through the moderator. Afterwards, students have asked their questions and experienced a warm conversation. Our guests have shared their precious knowledge with us. This event was organized by Bilfen which was a fruitful event in the aspect of the students. The certificates  have been presented to doctors which were donated on different charities. The event has been completed by thanking our guests.