As Bilfen Schools, we are supporting the activities conducted by TEMA which is a volunteer, conscious, leader, international and reliable Non-Governmental Organization that works on a scientific basis for the protection of natural assets particularly our soils with the sustainable life principle, believes in social peace originating from the soil, becomes integrated with the public and has a voice in the future of the country and the world. 

We implement the so-called "Yavru TEMA" program also in our schools which has been launched by TEMA in which Mr. Fatih Ozturk, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, is a Member of the Board of Trustees to bring all our children and young people in all age groups together with the nature and ensure that they establish a meaningful bond with the nature.

Within the scope of this program, we have created a grove on behalf of our school at the area designated by Uskudar Municipality on E-5 highway by planting 600 trees. We supported the so-called "1 Million Sapling Campaign" together with our students, parents and employees. We regularly donate our waste papers to TEMA and uninterruptedly keep our project works related to TEMA for the purpose of raising awareness of our students.