In Bilfen Schools, where sports are regarded as an important means for cognitive, spiritual and social development of students besides their physical development, students have a chance to participate in competitions among clubs in various categories and branches of sports under the roof of Bilfen Sports Club in addition to their school teams. 


  •          Karsıyaka Sports Club
  •          Tofas Sports Club
Sports of a combined way of life for students with academic achievement in Bilfen Schools which believe that sports should become a sustainable habit.  With about 2000 certified athletes under its roof, Bilfen Schools pay attention to each branch of sports and believe in the positive impacts of sports on students' development. Targeting the adoption of sports as a way of life not only by its own students but also by all young people in our country, the institution has been among the sponsors of KARSIYAKA SPORTS CLUB and TOFAS SPORTS CLUB since 2017.