English is not only a necessity for your child to make use of any opportunities in the future but also is a key to the world.

Creativity, entertainment and games are indispensable elements of English education. The methods applied in language education combines structured games with creative and enjoyable learning time.

Our programs have been designed to ensure that our students can use the language accurately. With activities, story times, songs and tongue twisters peculiar to Bilfen, it is aimed at developing vocabulary and communication skills of our students and ensuring that they speak English with self-confidence.

Development of speaking skills is one of the most important steps of language education and students must be encouraged to speak by way of creating a natural speaking atmosphere. In this sense, our students communicate with our students in English all day in Bilfen Preschools.

English has spread across the school in Bilfen. Our students experience English all day thanks to the materials available in many areas from classrooms to corridors, toilets and dining hall from the moment they enter in the school building. They use English meaningfully in a natural environment in the play rooms designed to provide maximum benefit to our students.

Students of Bilfen take English outside the borders of the school!

Being a good listener and speaking confidently thanks to the English Education Program applied in Bilfen Preschools, our students can express themselves in English everywhere.

Our students are prepared for primary school level as individuals who start and meaningfully maintain communication in English in different themes with the language skills they have acquired.

Your children will never want to stop learning in Bilfen thanks to games, natural learning, creativity and entertainment.