In Bilfen Preschools, a developmental and children oriented program which equally supports children in all areas of development is applied. The skills intended to be acquired by children are handled in a helical order in order to make children's development permanent. The program contains activities from simple to complex ones at certain intervals which are driven for the same objective but prepared in different ways and provides the opportunity for children to make progress at their personal paces. Environments with rich stimulants are prepared and vital experience opportunities are offered to children within the scope of the program applied with the support of educational materials.

The instructional program is structured in consideration of the following points:

  • Age, developmental characteristics, interests and needs, individual differences of children and characteristics of the surrounding environment are taken into account.
  • Multi-directional development is targeted rather than unidirectional development considering the fact that children's development is a change requiring sustainability. Cognitive, physical, language, socio-emotional development and self-care skills are supported.
  • During a play, children learn how to learn, know themselves, figure the requirements of life out and achieve to feel confident. Based on this fact, plays are used as the main activity in the instructional program.
  • Potential of children is revealed.
  • Acquisition of a sense of trust and positive sense of self by children is grounded on.
  • Correct pronunciation of Turkish words and speaking of Turkish in compliance with stress and tone of voice patterns are targeted.
  • It is aimed at preparing children for primary school socially, sensationally and cognitively.