Bilfen Ap Programı


Well aware of the fact that education is no light matter in Turkey, Bilfen High Schools, in light of the universal principles, plans to raise self-confident, academically well-prepared individuals who are able to speak a foreign language fluently and who are enthusiastic about sports, arts, and cultural activities and thus targets to enable their students to lead ever-successful lives. In line with this target, Bilfen High Schools introduce a new educational program to their students: "Advanced Placement Program", i.e. "AP". 

A program that is implemented and recognized in more than 60 countries in addition to the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia, AP provides high school students with the opportunity to have college level courses and to be exempt from them in certain colleges later on. AP is going to be offered to the students within the framework of Bilfen Beyond the Borders Education Programs. 


College Board

College Board is a system, to which over 6,000 of the world’s universities and colleges are a member. Founded in 1900,  and uni is dedicated to expanding access to higher and academic education and promoting excellence and equity in education. Each year, with programs that help prepare more than 7 million students for a successful transition to higher education, College Board provides advantages in college/university acceptance through their  AP Courses.

As College Board states, students who successfully pass AP exams are more successful during their higher education years compared to their peers who have not taken AP Courses. 





“Advanced Placement” Programı (AP) is a program that was first implemented in the USA, from where it expanded to the whole world. The program is currently implemented in over 60 countries in addition to the USA.

The AP Program offers college-level courses that students can take in high school. 

Students who take the AP, which is a program targeted to academic high-achievers aiming to get into college, start their university one steap ahead and enjoy the privilege of being exempt from some of the college courses thanks to their high AP scores. 

Students who are enrolled to the program, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the classical curriculum, take the AP courses and prepare for AP exams. AP Program is recognized by many universities in Turkey and therefore, students taking the relevant AP courses are granted exemption from a range of courses such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics. 




•With your AP score, you can gec accepted to international universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, and MIT as well as attaining advantages such as scholarships and credits in reputable universities in Turkey such as ODTÜ, KOÇ, Sabancı, and Özyeğin.

•Students who complere the program successfully and apply to colleges with high AP scores prove that they are ready for college education and thus obtain advantage over students who make a standard application 

•Students who complete some of the courses before they start college are able to spare extra time for a double major. 

•Students who complete some of the compulsory college courses while they are still in high school are able to start advanced courses earlier.

•AP Program helps develop and support 21st Century skills such as effective oral and written communication, research and analysis, initiative, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and problem solving. 

•AP courses enable your areas of interest to turn into your professional career.