The education our school provides is both creative and innovative, and produces successful young adults with a strong sense of self and highly developed problem-solving and decision-making skills.

We aim to create well-educated, social and liberal individuals of the future. We do this with our experienced and specialised staff of modern and secular teachers, experts in their field in an age when science and technology continue to develop. 

Founded in 1987 as the first private science high school in Turkey, all Bilfen High Schools aim to acquire, use and develop for prestigious universities. Students are taught to acquire, use and develop knowledge under the guidance of specialist and qualified executives and teachers. The system they use is based on the Complete Learning Model. 



Learning style of each student is identified with the student oriented teaching model and their cognitive development and skills are consolidated accordingly. In this way, the students of Bilfen become capable of recognizing their own characteristics and use various studying and learning methods effectively within this framework.

Essential knowledge is taught intensively in 9th and 10th grade, supported by the development of test taking techniques in 11th and 12th grades. The teaching process is supported by well-equipped laboratories, study times, and computer assisted instruction that combines learning with visuality. Weekend University Preparation Courses help students to achieve their academic goals. Bilfen follows a comprehensive instructional program focused on Physical Sciences-Mathematics-Turkish and Foreign Languages which can respond to physical, cognitive and psychological interests and expectations. Skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, learning to learn, establishing effective communication and carrying out research are developed.