Bilfen Schools take all required precautions with respect to the security of our students and keep the security service at the highest level with the use of technology as well. Out unit monitors all our schools and companies. Being put into service for the purpose of ensuring the comfort and security of all students, parents, guests and employees, our "ALARM CONTROL-CAMERA SURVEILLANCE-GPS VEHICLE TRACKING CENTRE" makes us feel the pride of being THE FIRST and ONLY in Turkey as Bilfen family.



Camera systems of all our schools are connected to our "Camera Surveillance Centre" through remote access. Personal live images generated by our cameras are monitored uninterruptedly on a 24/7 basis and recorded for an indefinite period of time.



All school buses are kept under control and monitored in order to ensure that our students benefit from school buses safely thanks to "GPS Vehicle Tracking System" managed by our centre. As a result of the tracking process conducted in our centre, speeds of school buses, their locations, routes and identities of drivers are determined instantly. In case that a school bus deviates from the rules, the required warnings and sanctions are applied for school bus drivers. Our school buses are stopped at predetermined points during their service by our centre team from time to time and compliance of our drivers with school bus directives and whether our students fasten the seat belt are checked and relevant reports are submitted to school principals. Moreover, compliance of our school buses is audited by making contact with the "Traffic Control Division".



There are experienced officers in all our schools who have a sense of mission and the majority of whom have provided service in the law enforcement agency.

·         All entries and exits are audited by our officers in our schools.

·         Surrounding environment of our schools is frequently audited.

·         Officers are necessarily appointed to ensure a safe environment for out of school social activities.

·         Our students are not turned over to any person apart from the individuals stated in the registration form.

·        None of our students is allowed to go out of the school without an "Authorized Licence"

·         Our guests who arrive in our schools for visit and business purposes are subjected to the "Visit Card System" and recorded accordingly.

BTS Card (Bilfen Entry Tracking System) is applied in all our schools. It is aimed at providing a safe environment for our students by means of preventing unauthorized entries with BTS. Furthermore, parents are allowed to enter into and exit from our schools quickly thanks to this application. BTS Cars System can be instantly checked by our information centre.


Just like in all industries, the security industry tries to closely follow the developing technological innovations. Combination of labour force with technology enables the provision of a smoother, reliable and traceable service. For this reason, the Turnstile System has been started to be applied in our schools. 

Installed at the entrance gates, the turnstiles play an important role in terms of the security of students, parents, guests and employees during entrances and exits. 



Your recommendations and criticisms will be a guide for us. Therefore, you can verbally communicate all your messages through the telephone numbers below for 24 hours or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address. Your messages will absolutely be evaluated and a response will be provided to you.

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