As a word, creativity means "generating, producing and originating". It puts emphasis on different, new and authentic one beyond the ordinary things. It can also be defined as "looking at the same thing but seeing it differently".

Creativity is an inherent and subjective skill. It is an innate ability and, contrary to the popular belief, it can be improved or supressed with the impact of education and surrounding environment.

Although art is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about creativity, the importance of creativity has recently been emphasized a great deal as a significant skill in other aspects of life. The future required flexible and creative individuals who can solve problems, take efficient decisions, act as a leader and embrace democratic values. Education must prepare individuals for the future rather than the present time. Adopting this mission, Bilfen Schools support creativity skills of students both in the curriculum and specially designed counselling activities. 

Our objective is to bring up brave individuals with a great imagination who can ask questions, enjoy thinking differently and provide unique answers.