Bilfen Schools put into practice a structured, enriched and deepened curriculum program with utmost sensitivity to students' individual differences.  


The program is designed to accommodate students' different learning styles, motivations, and attitudes as well as their areas of interest and the paces at which they develop concepts.


Education must prepare individuals for the times ahead rather than for the time being. No matter at which stage of education a student is, she or he can make a difference in the world for real life and future. Our education and training program can provide an opportunity to students for making this difference. The objectives and outcomes in the program have been designed in consideration of these principles..


In the learning and teaching processes of our program; 
  • Our students' individual differences are taken into consideration, 
  • The aim is to ensure active student engagement and participation in class,
  • Collaboration and problem-solving is used as a basis for learning,
  • Students are provided with authentic learning opportunities.