Although the term "career" is primarily associated with business life or career is in fact a lifelong phenomenon which starts in childhood.

Career planning starts with a child's answer to the question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?".  Awareness on occupations begins to develop through games, family structure, immediate community, and role models.  As the child starts school, his/her self-discovery is ensured through plenty of input by the child's level of interest in different subjects, his/her success in various areas, and the discovery of his/her abilities and talents. Establishment of special areas of interest, favourite movies/styles/directors, the books they read, periodicals they follow, any websites in which they do researches and other sources of information ensure that the information about career is consolidated and their ideas start to be formed.

Students are supported for taking right steps in career planning thanks to the activities on career planning with different contents in Bilfen Secondary Schools and professional interests of students are identified, their academic and professional tendencies are determined and they can be directed reliably through the Career Tendency Test which is developed by Bilfen High Schools, complies with the modern career planning principles and is designed at international standards in consideration of their tendencies and needs.