The purpose of artistic and cultural activities in Bilfen High Schools is to enhance artistic and intellectual levels of students, improve their creativity and enrich their inner worlds by means of offering an artistic point of view towards daily affairs. Besides theoretical knowledge, students are engaged in plenty of exercises and practices and have a change to exhibit their works in various organizations within the scope of artistic activities which cover visual arts, music and theatre works. Workshops and seminars are organized in our school with the participation of important artists of Turkey and students are allowed to gain an artistic perspective. Trips are organized to important and contemporary exhibitions. The Art Week is celebrated enthusiastically in all campuses of Bilfen High Schools through the activities organized in many fields from music concerts to artistic conversations, workshops, museum tours, concerts, artistic competitions etc. The income which is obtained from the exhibition where students present their works that are created in ceramic, visual arts, photography and fashion design clubs throughout the year is donated to the non-governmental organization designated that year. The closure of the Art Week was performed the "Art Awards Ceremony" organized among Bilfen High Schools this year. The students with the highest ranks received their awards from specialist jurors in their fields within the scope of the Competition of "Photograph, Visual Arts Portfolio, Music (musical instrument-voice-composition) and Dance combining Rhythm with Choreographies" in the final held in Camlıca campus.