Music contributes children's learning in all areas and gives a new point of view. 

Children in pre-school period gain the ability of keeping in mind and listen to and recognize these sounds and match a sound with its source. 

Rhythm training not only accelerates the learning process of children but also supports their self-confidence. 

Music and language has the same origin, the first sounds are the initiators of musical understanding and spoken language. Children enjoy singing the songs they know, producing new songs on their own and learning new songs. When creative dance and music are combined, physical skills, aesthetic understanding and individual differences are revealed. Consequently, if children experience good music as from young ages, they will be able to select good music, enjoy it and know how to make use of it when they grow up. 




  • Some activities are conducted for improving children's sense of rhythm.  
  • Activities for improving musical hearing of children are carried out.. 
  • Orff games are organized to strengthen children's senses of rhythm and musical memories. 
  • Breathing exercises are instructed and children are supported in correct breathing at the time of speaking and singing. 
  • Song repertoire of children is improved and awareness of special days and weeks is supported thanks to the songs taught to them. 
  • Sound perception of children is also improved with the games which are accompanied by or played with the piano. 
  • Names of musical instruments are taught and students' interest in any musical instrument is boosted through music videos. 
  • The rhythm instruments available in our schools are introduced and rhythm exercises are organized with the use of these instruments.  
  • Children are taught how to sing a song together with the help of choir events organized.  
  • Some theoretical knowledge is taught and awareness is raised.  
  • A new point of view is given to children through the shows and events organized and the children who participate in and produce something in these activities are proud of themselves and experience the sense of achievement and as a result, their self-confidence and self-respect is consolidated.