(Content and Language Integrated Learning):

Content must be meaningful for students and relevant to their world in a differentiated education. In this sense, English curriculum is designed in accordance with the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Model in Bilfen Schools. The Content and Language Integrated Learning Model targets to teach a language in an integrated manner. The difference of Content and Language Integrated Learning Model from other models is that it regards language as a means of communication and anticipates that students can gain double advantage by learning a language and content at the same time.

Thanks to the content based system of education, students have the opportunity to consolidate Physical Sciences, Social Studies and Mathematics also in English. In this way, the courses enable that students have a terminology and knowledge about different fields apart from English grammar. The underlying reason why Bilfen Schools prefer a content based program is to ensure that students have deeper knowledge and their general culture enriches in addition to the focus of this system on language. Content based research activities arouse curiosity among students and light the way for becoming a researcher. With this approach, our students use language as a tool rather than a purpose. 

We are not strange, what is strange is the instructional English program in Bilfen.