The information technology knowledge and skills that we aim to develop in our students within the framework of international standards on technology education are structured under the below-stated themes in our secondary school curriculum in such a way as to support interdisciplinary work:
  • Everyday Life and Technology Design
  • Computational Thinking and Coding
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Productivity
  • Creative Design
Through our secondary school Information Technology Curriculum, we aim to develop our students as individuals who use technology and information systems fully and competently and can deliver proper technological solutions for the relevant problems. For this purpose, we aim to ensure that our students;
  • Are familiar with new technologies. Using their creativity and strategic thinking skills, they research, plan, and design the innovative technological solutions that will come into our lives in the future.   
  • Select/combine the appropriate IT resources and tools to design creative products that will solve a problem in everyday life. 
  • Know how to reach accurate, credible information in digital resources and they express themselves creatively by using the information technology resources to collect, evaluate, analyze, and interpret information.
  • Are aware of their digital rights and responsibilities for the safe, respectful, and responsible use of technology and the ethical consequences of their acts; they know which persons and institutions to contact through various communication channels when necessary.  
  • Cooperate with others for local and/or global teamwork by using digital resources.
  • Understand various solutions, think algorithmically, develop models and code in order to auto-control systems..