Türkçe 1-3. Sýnýflar


Participating in the SCIENCE and PHYSICAL SCIENCES Festival organized in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as "The First Turkish Observer School", the students of Bilfen closely reviewed all scientific posters in the fair where almost 400 projects were exhibited. 

They met with Prof Dr Canan DAGDEVIREN in order to present their "Sustainable Development" projects  and ask any questions they had related to these and to make observations in MIT Media Laboratories regarded as the heart of science. They also introduced their projects on the biological treatment of textile wastes to Dr Dagdeviren.

Students also met Ms. Beste MUTLU a doctorate student in Molecular Biology who graduated from Bilfen. They visited Harvard’s laboratories and obtained information about the studies conducted there. They also had a chance to make an experiment on zebrafish. Our students obtained information from our graduate Ms. Beste Mutlu about her studies on young embryos and about education opportunities abroad.