Türkçe 1-3. Sýnýflar


The students of Bilfen High Schools went to the North Pole again for the renewal of the first Turkish research station there which had been established by them three years previously. The Bilfen students completed their work on Svalbard Island between 5th-8th of March and then returned home. 
Bilfen students went to Svalbard in order to replace the equipment they had installed at a research station when the volume of bad date they received increased over time due to the impact of excessively cold weather. 
They renewed the research station which they had set up three years previously in order to monitor global climate change through meteorological data and observe the northern lights, an amazing natural phenomenon which occurs near the magnetic poles.

The project was launched by students of Bilfen High Schools’ Robotics Club. The research station, which is the only one to fly a Turkish flag, was installed in the North Pole three years ago. The Bilfen team of students set off for the North Pole again and completed the necessary work on their research station which is capable of measuring the illumination caused by the northern lights as well as meteorological and magnetic field data.  This work was carried out between 5th and 8th March.