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“Ethnobotany Project Competition in Anatolian Plants EXPO" 


          The “Ethnobotany Project Competition in Anatolian Plants EXPO" was organized in order to contribute to the study of compiling the experience-based knowledge of people in rural areas about the plants which naturally grow in Anatolia and that are used in many areas. It was also intended to introduce to high school students EXPO 2016 Antalya organized, in Turkey for the first time.


        The project was conducted under the auspices of the Provincial Directorate of National Education in Antalya, EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency and Private Bilfen High Schools. It aimed to promote the recognition of biological values in their own habitat by younger generations, the development of communication between young and older generations and the compilation of usages and local names of plants and their provision as a resource for scientific research. 


     A total of 535 students and 322 advisory teachers from 328 different schools took part in the competition. Information about the usage of 3780 plant samples and 4797 local plant names were compiled. New generations were informed about the biodiversity of our country thanks to this competition which was organized in this part of Turkey for the first time.


        Moreover, this project ranked first in Turkey in the "4th Education and Training Innovation Awards" organized by the Ministry of National Education.