"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering."
Bill Gates


As Bilfen High Schools, we teach thinking in information processing perspective, problem solving and implementing this solution in life which are regarded as the most important skills of our age to our students with the help of software and coding. We teach C programming language up to the intermediate level at the 9th grade and focus on robotic programming with Arduino UNO cards at the 10th grade. With the belief that life skills of each software developer also develops, we prepare our students for life under present conditions. Other teaching objectives of us are briefly to ensure that our students can:


  • Understand technological concepts, systems and processes as digital citizens, 
  • Follow the reasoning process and evaluate this process,
  • Develop innovative and creative projects for the solutions of any problems encountered in their daily lives (problems encountered by elders or disabled persons etc.), 
  • Acquire the skill of cooperative working as a part of the learning process, benefit from social environments and share what they have learnt,
  • Act consciously about lifelong learning.