"The laws of nature are written by the hands of God in the language of mathematics." 
(Galileo Galilei)


 Human beings have started to recognize, understand and struggle with the nature which is their settlement since their existence. During this struggle, they have adopted listening to the nature and understanding its language as the most important goal for themselves. Communing with the nature and living in peace with it is possible only by understanding, in other words, solving its language. As stated by Galileo Galilei: "The laws of the nature are written by the hands of God in the language of mathematics."


In your opinion, which bridge could be used to reach to these branches by the human beings who continued to understand the language of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and shape the future of the society? Of course mathematics beyond doubt. The students are tried to be equipped with the following privileges during Mathematics courses from the 9th to 12th grades in our school with this awareness:


  • Acting as sensitive individuals towards the nature by means of becoming integrated with it, 
  • Being respectful and sensitive to national and global problems and human rights by developing analytic thinking and with the abilities to question, investigate, criticise and appreciate, 
  • Applying what has been learnt in social and scientific areas for the benefit of humanity and nature,  
  • Treating elders and juniors respectfully and with love.