Dilimin Sınırları Dünyamın Sınırlarıdır." Wittgenstein
“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”
The number of languages a person can speak counts. In our increasingly globalizing world, the need to "learn a foreign language" has risen while international contacts are being rapidly maintained. Speaking a foreign language particularly in the commercial, economic and political life has become an inevitable obligation because the qualification which distinguishes individuals and is sought in employment and promotion is to speak a foreign language. Speaking a second and third foreign language, on the other hand, provides great advantages and opportunities.
Gardner and Lambert highlight 2 important factors with respect to foreign language education. 


  • To use a foreign language as a means to achieve a purpose,  
  • To learn a foreign language for the purpose of adopting the foreign language culture and engaging in that society.  



  • Currently, English is the official language of 45 countries across the world. According to the research, the number of people who speak English as their second language in the world exceeds the number of people whose mother tongue is English. For this reason, 70% of the science language, 80% of the communication language and 90% of the internet language is English in the world.
Everybody tries to learn and teach English across the world because: 

  • English is the first language sought in job applications,  
  • English is mandated in higher education as an international language.  
  • The language which is commonly used in economics and politics, tourism, culture, art, science and technical areas in the world is English.  
Regardless of your personal goal in learning a language, our goal is to bring up our students so that they can easily express themselves in national platforms where they will have a place in the future and carry out their academic studies in a foreign language. 
Our Turkish and native teachers shed light on the similarities and differences between cultures and prepare students for higher education and subsequent educations by orienting them with debate, drama, presentation, story writing and such other activities intended for the development of critical and creative thinking skills. 
  • Starting with passwords, our courses are continued with various activities and games which are intensively participated by students. The purpose is to make students participative and active by way of pulling them in the course activities. Small activities combined with the lessons not only revive the lessons but also ensures high motivation.  
  • Our "Speaking Score" practice which ensures a hundred percent performance in foreign language learning is applied across the whole in whole year and it guides students for the comprehension of the fact that "a language is learned by speaking".
  • We emphasize the importance attached to the speaking skills with the "Speaking Exam" which is an oral examination besides two written tests in each term. 
  • We bring the outer world in the classroom with the help of our technological opportunities and update our students in listening, reading, researching and cross-cultural differences by keeping them in contact with the real world all the time.



We prepare our students who want to study abroad under the International Language Proficiency Program or skip the preparatory class in Turkey for TOEFL and IELTS exams within the scope of the academic program. The objective of the Academic Foreign Language Program is to graduate you with the high level Certificate of English Language Proficiency which is applicable across the world.


MUN - Model United Nations is the most prestigious academic organization which can be participated by high school students during their whole school life. Students of Bilfen High School expand abroad in education and have a chance to develop their points of view on the world at international platforms. 

EYP (EUROPEAN YOUTH PARLIAMENT)The European Youth Parliament is a unique organization. This organization aims at helping the youth in steering the future of their settlements by accessing to all young people living in Europe. The students in EYP Club of our school which believes be "European" in any event carry out activities regularly and have a place in local and international conferences as active participants.


DI-Destination Imagination is an organization of creativity, team work and generation of a solution. Being the largest non-profit innovative team work and solution generation organization with its representation offices in 40 different countries in the world, DI-Destination Imagination Club's students make preparations for local and then international organizations. 

Students make preparation to local and then international organizations with their teammates thanks to the "World Scholar's Cup" Club which intends to create a universal environment for the scientists and leaders of the future, enable them to discover their skills, bring young people from different cultures together and make them debate and write an essay on current and future ideas and situations.

Our students have a chance to benefit from quality education both in Turkey and abroad by means of participating in international High School Exchange Program under our instructional program of "Bilfen Beyond the Borders" and studying in Victoria, BC Canada for a month or a year. Personal, social, cultural and academic acquisitions of students who stay with other families, study with Canadian students and experience the language jointly with their culture on a 24/7 basis are beyond description. 
Why German? 
This is because:
  • German is spoken in many European countries (Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Belgium).
  • German is particularly used in engineering, chemistry, textile, science, art and philosophy.
  • The widest Turkish population who settled in Europe is in Germany.
  • There are many German corporations in Turkey.
German in Bilfen
Students are subjected to Fit exams undertaken by the German Culture Centre (Goethe Institute) with international validity. These exams are applied respectively in the proficiency levels of A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 and the target of our high school is B1. Making German language more permanent with its culture, pronunciation and interactive education method prioritizing active usage is among our objectives. 


And the option of French in Bilfen... 
Bilfen now provides French education for the purpose of improving the proficiencies of our students who received French education in primary school and secondary school and refreshing their language acquisition. The objective of elective French courses is to help students reach to the level they need in their academic studies. 
Language education and training refer to a mutual exchange which is lifelong.