Bilfen Görsel Sanatlar


Our aim as Bilfen Schools' Visual Arts Department is to enable our students to realize their potentials through the art portfolios which include the work that is conducted in the art courses as well as in extracurricular activities from 1st grade until the end of 4th grade.
  • We improve our students' creativity and imagination and target to develop their decision making skills thanks to the activities introduced during our Visual Arts Program.
  • During the courses, we ask our students to look at predetermined works of art and interpret them under the theme of painting analysis. This improves their imagination. We intend to employ this technique in other subjects and different areas of life with an interdisciplinary approach. 
  • We aim at improving observation skills of our students in the visual arts courses. 
  • The Visual Arts course arouses curiosity in children. They learn to inquire through arts. If a student does not like a sketch that s/he has created, s/he discards it and creates a new one. Thus, students get a chance to use the trial and error method actively in their arts courses.
  • We also provide our students the opportunity to work in some branches of art such as ceramic, toy workshop, art workshop, comics and fashion design within the frame of our visual arts courses. 

The purpose of all activities in the visual arts courses is to ensure children's social, emotional, intellectual and personal development.