In alignment with the international education technology standards, in our primary school curriculum, the IT knowledge and skills that we aim to develop in our students are organized under the following themes and are designed to support interdisciplinary work.


  • Daily life and technology design
  • Computational thinking and coding
  • Digital citizenship
  • Productivity
  • Creative design
The aim of our primary school technology education course is to develop our students as individuals who use technology and information systems properly and effectively, and can create appropriate solutions where needed. Students who complete the program:
  • Understand the importance of technology in our daily lives, question how technology develops in accordance with needs and know positive and negative aspects of technology,
  • Select appropriate sources and tools of information technologies and organize information for a specific purpose and present information with creative designs
  • Behave ethically in online environments in terms of safe use of technology, keep their personal data confidential to ensure their safety, receive support from their surrounding environment when they are concerned about a person or content they encounter with on the internet or while they are using other online technologies
  • Make use of digital sources for establishing communication and working collaboratively in learning communities,
  • Analyse the functioning of simple programs in digital devices and understand how they are designed as a program.
  • Create simple programs and debug any program errors by using different logic structures in order to solve a problem.