As the Physical Education Department, we aim to enable our students to:
develop the habit of exercising regularly,
engage in at least one branch of sports,
follow and develop knowledge on sports events,
develop athletic skills and an aesthetic sense for sports
be comfortable in their own skin and are aware of the fact that sports mean peace and fellowship,
be responsive to national and international sports and adopt sports as a way of life,
develop self-confidence and make good decisions.

From 1st grade until the end of 3rd grade, we prepare our students to do sports by teaching them swimming, gymnastics and by playing games.

Our objective in these courses is to improve their athletic skills and coordination and build the required sports infrastructure before they start the branch of sports in which they are physically capable and competent. Moreover, teaching all of our students how to swim the four basic swimming strokes through the "Bilfen Swim Program" that we implement in these grade levels is one of our important objectives.

Our objective for the 4th grade is to enable our students, who have already developed a foundation in sports, to receive training in the the branches that they choose based on their physique, interests and abilities and to develop the habit of engaging in one or more branches of sports regularly at least at the amateur level.

Our students are trained in the branches of basketball, volleyball, football, handball, gymnastics, swimming, table tennis, athletics, archery, chess, step, aerobic, dance and tennis within the bounds of physical facilities of our schools. Thus, we aim to enable our students to develop and demonstrate their talents by participating in competitions both with our school teams and with Bilfen Sports Club and develop the habit of exercising regularly.

Be able to reconcile their individual desires and passion with the aims of the team.