Sosyal Bilgiler


The main aim of the Social Studies course which is introduced from the 4th grade on is to enable our students to develop the skills, concepts and values that they need to produce and use information; and to raise them as effective Turkish citizens.


Our objectives are:
  • To teach students the knowledge, concepts and values from the past while also informing them about cultural heritage, 
  • To improve our students' abilities to define and analyse individual and social problems and their decision making processes with respect to these problems, 
  • To enable students to reach information with special focus on thinking skills. 

In "Social Studies" course of Bilfen Schools, our students:

  • Shape the future with the leverage of their origins,
  • Learn by doing and experiencing, 
  • Develop awareness on democracy,
  • Generate solutions to social problems, 
  • Learn to tolerate differences,
  • Become aware of their rights and responsibilities,
  • Assume responsibility for a more liveable world.