Sciences involve the efforts to scrutinize, explain and understand the things and the phenomena in an environment and to predict future happenings based on these principles.
Starting from 1st grade until the end of 4th grade, we aim to ensure that all of our students develop science literacy in Science Lab classes as opposed to rote-learning. Our principals include the following.  
  • Adopting the cognitive process skills and generating a solution to any problems encountered in the course of discovering the nature and understanding the relationship between human beings and environment, 
  • Building awareness regarding how science affects the society and technology and how the society and technology affect science,
  • Assuming responsibility for daily life problems and making use of the knowledge of Physical Sciences, scientific process skills and other life skills in solving these problems,Providing assistance to understand how scientists create the knowledge as well as the processes undergone by the knowledge and how it is used in new researches,
  • Appreciating the contribution of science to the development of technology, solution of social problems and understanding relationships in natural environment,
  • Developing curiosity, attitude and interest towards the events taking place in the nature.