Türkçe 4. Sınıflar


Instructional Turkish Program of Bilfen has been structured on four basic skills which are namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. The skills are handled in themselves and associated with the other skills as a whole.

Our objective in Turkish course is to upskill students in these four areas and ensure that these skills turn into a habit. Additionally, we aim at growing up individuals who can use their language accurately and functionally and are aware of the richness and expressive strength of Turkish language. 

Turkish course is taught by our specialist branch teachers at the 4th grade in compliance with our objectives. In this way, our students graduate to the secondary school in a fully equipped manner in academic terms.

For the sake of reading-writing acquisition on a sound basis, Linguistic Skills Development and Creative Writing Program is applied within the scope of Turkish course. Our purpose is to ensure that our students produce knowledge rather than memorizing it. For this reason, we expand our instructional program by means of including such activities in our courses that will encourage students to think differently. 

Linguistic Skills Development Program 

Being introduced in 2008 for the purpose of improving the reading skills in the areas of listening-speaking-reading and writing which are the primary components of the Turkish course, the "Linguistic Skills Development Program" is started to be applied at the 1st grade and completed at the 6th grade. Our program has been designed on the basis of the individual needs of each grade. 

Technical Reading Practice The "Technical Reading Practice" is started to be applied at the 1st grade and completed at the 4th grade. Technical reading practice is a voice based activity. Our purpose in this practice is to ensure that students are aware of word, syllable and voice units in spoken language, recognize and differentiate the voices which consist of words and carry out cognitive processes with respect to the units in spoken language.