The world is witnessing the "Information Age" which is a stunning change which can only be followed by individuals equipped with knowledge. It is required to run at an increasing pace in the race of modernity which seems to be eternal. For this reason, education and training become much more important. 


Determining their teaching methods in consideration of the interests and needs of young people, the teachers help the creation of a learning environment based on mutual trust, respect and affection. If students and the teacher focus on the same objective, learning and practising what has been learnt are not regarded as a difficulty anymore and become and enjoyable activity. 


Learning involves the following processes:
 Asking questions, 
 Researching and inspecting to find an answer to the questions,  
 Understanding and asking more questions, 
 Discovering the unknown with the use of common knowledge. 


Teaching means: 
 Referring students to thinking rather than simply explaining the details of a phenomenon.
 Encouraging to need more explanations, applying to other resources and thinking over the phenomena.  
 Upskilling students in positive and logical thinking. 
 Ensuring the development of sophisticated thinking and reasoning skills. 


The objective of the chemistry teachers in our school is: 
To bring up individuals who think logically, get the bottom of knowledge and use it effectively, follow the guidance of intelligence and science and try to achieve the best for their country and nation with the flag of the modernity competition inherited by Ataturk.


Another objective is to help the youth plan and shape their future as creative and productive individuals with a sense of responsibility. For this purpose, access of students to knowledge is supported with various projects. 


Our laboratory works:   
Chemistry is a science based on experiments. Training our students as the individuals who are capable of solving any problems they encounter with is possible with laboratory works.
  • It gets students adopt the habit of independent thinking.  
  • It enables the comprehension of the perfect order and coherence in the nature. 
  • It develops the observation skill.  
  • It makes it possible for students to access to knowledge on their own. 
  • OIt facilitates the comprehension of any phenomena.
  • It improves the sense of responsibility towards the team members.  
  • It teaches how to be systematic and careful.  
The laboratory guide which is compiled and arranged by branch teachers consists of experiments that develop students' autonomous discovery skills, are stipulated by the high school program and encourage acquisition and comprehension of knowledge by students on their own. 


Besides the experiments conducted in our fully-equipped laboratories, the DVD which contains 200 experiments conducted in the Laboratories of Zurich Technical University is made available to our students.


Moreover, our students can watch the subjects of chemistry with three-dimensional animations, interpret experimental data and draw real time graphics, virtually animate chemical phenomena in daily life, establish authentic experiment sets in the issues about which they are curious and do researches with the use of the "EUREKA Virtual Laboratory" program in computer environment
Being one of the ways of education students with the skills of the 21st century, STEM education is paid attention to. We believe that the employment of an interdisciplinary education model with the combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics will result in a different perspective for our students. 


Tubitak Examinations:
  • Our students participate in the national science olympics in the branch of chemistry every year.   
  • Preparatory works for the national science olympics are maintained on certain days of the week. 
Preparatory Studies for TYT-AYT (Underlying Proficiency Test-Major Area Proficiency Test)
  • Thinking skill is acquired with the basic principles and concepts in chemistry.  
  • Applications for analysing, synthesizing and interpreting the acquired knowledge are offered.  
  • An individual learning process is achieved by considering individual characteristics of students.  
  • The potential of each student is maximized by sparing sufficient time for them through appropriate methods and approaches. 
  • Question analyses of the examinations are assessed and feedbacks are provided for the subjects that are unclear.  
  • Additional exercises are done in case of a course related learning difficulty. 
  • Academic achievements and personal values of students are differentiated.-Academic development of students is regarded and it is paid attention not to wear away their personalities.  
  • The questions are selected in compliance with the standards of the Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM).  
  • Assistance is provided to students in the repetition of the subjects taught to them, consolidation without delay and effective and systematic studying.