Physics is an enjoyable course which is included in the physical sciences group, requires individuals to make use of their digital potentials, is intensive in terms of interpretation and easy to learn after some basic requirements are met.

A student who studies physics systematically can easily solve the questions. The questions must be handled through thinking and interpreting rather than the rote learning logic. Physics becomes easier when it can be perceived and interpreted. Our philosophy is to educate individuals so that they can question and interpret knowledge, approach problem solving with scientific methods, transfer these skills to their daily lives, have a wide perspective and think in the light of science.

Understanding the physics in the lessons is a precondition for success in this course. The information taught during the lesson is consolidated by Maker Station in our classrooms equipped with modern technology and applied experiments performed in our modern physics laboratories which are regularly renewed and improved in accordance with the requirements of teaching physics. Active engagement by our students in the lessons and visualization, analysis, interpretation, perception and comprehension of the information which is wanted to be taught in classroom environment are achieved with the help of experiments and observations. This supports the "Student Oriented Education" which is our objective. Explanations and examples given by teachers during the lesson should be carefully followed and all details should be taken into consideration. Questions, solutions, graphics and drawings should be written down correctly.

Any unclear points during the instruction or solution of example questions by the teacher should be asked to be clarified and comprehended without delay. 

Basic concepts related to the subject should be learned completely. Any unclear concepts, descriptions and the notes taken down during lessons should be reviewed through daily repetitions and learning should be consolidated with example questions. 
We are using the Workbooks and Booklets prepared by our teachers provided that the "Physics" book based on the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education is used as the main reference book. 
Our relationships and project works with CERN which is the largest physics laboratory of the world are maintained in order to follow the science and access to updated information. 

"Perseverance is priceless; it's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer."